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Convenient, easy-to-access tools  provide fast access to critical flight planning information. SkyTools™ makes flight planning easier.

SkyTools - Quick Access to Pre-Planning Tools

SkyTools™ is SkyPlan’s new generation of exciting and easy-to-use tools for planning, budgeting, and researching your next flight.


SkyTools™ is currently available to all users, directly from the Skyplan website, and provides immediate access  to many of our in-house dispatch tools and airport databases.


SkyTools includes an Airport Information Tool, a European IFPS Route Validation App, a Charter Costing Estimator,  a Time and Distance Calculator,  an ICAO Flight Plan Generator, as well  as access to Worldwide Weath‎er.


Try SkyTools™ today and let us know what you think.

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Airport Information Tool

SkyTools™ Airport Information Tool provides airport details for over 8700 airports around the world.


Simply enter the airport’s IATA /ICAO code or its name, and view an abundance of useful information about that airport, its FBO, and much more.

  • FBO Information

    • Name
    • Frequency
    • Fuel Brand

  • Airport Information

    • Airport Name
    • ICAO
    • IATA
    • Latitude/Longitude
    • Elevation
    • Fuel Available
    • Current UTC
    • Longest Hard Surface runways
    • Approach
    • Airport Type
    • Airport Light Intensity
    • Slots Required (Y/N)
    • Handling Mandatory (Y/N)
    • Open 24 HRS (Y/N)
    • Variation
    • Distance from City

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Time and Distance Calculator

You are building your flight plan, and need to quickly estimate the distance traveled and time required to complete your flight.


SkyTools™ Time and Distance Calculator calculates your ‘great circle‘ flight path and flight time, against zero wind situations. This calculation is based on the shortest distance between two airports, with the results being displayed on a graphical map.

  • How it Works

    • Enter the ICAO or IATA codes for your origin and destination airports.
    • Enter the speed in knots per hour (kts).

  • What You Get

    •  Map showing your estimated Great Circle flight path.
    • Estimated distance to be traveled.
    • Estimated time for travel.

Note: Output results from this calculator should only be used a guide since actual flight routes can be different from ‘great circle’ routes.

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Flying across Europe can be exciting and challenging. But first, you have to ensure that your selected route of flight is EuroControl Compliant. This verification process can be time-consuming and tedious as you correct for each and every change requested by EuroControl.


SkyTools™ European IFPS Route Validation app makes it easy for you to instantly validate all your European routes.


You can amend any errors reported by SkyTools and resubmit your route for the query. When you see ‘Flight Plan is Valid’, you know that your FPL is valid as per the ETD.

  • Why You Need This?

    • Sometimes there are more than 30,000 restrictions that limit the use of airways in Europe.
    • Some restrictions only apply on certain days of the week, or for certain times of the day.
    • You need to file EuroControl flight plans 5×24 hours in advance. (This is not the same as five days.) That takes planning and organization.
    • SkyTools makes it easy for you to validate your European Flight Plan and be prepared to file on time.

  • How it Works

    • Enter your FPL route details into SkyTools and click Submit.
    • SkyTools validates your FPL details against EuroControl guidelines.
    • You can correct any errors reported by SkyTools and re-Submit.
    • When you see ‘Flight Plan is Valid‘, you know that your FPL is valid at this moment in time.

  • What You Get

    • Error messages showing what needs to be corrected.
    • The ability to make your changes right in SkyTools and resubmit as often as you need for validation.
    • Confidence that you have a well-structured FPL that meets EuroControl standards.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk.  Responses are direct from the NM IFPUV.

This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by EUROCONTROL. The SkyTools Interface is a free public service of Skyplan.

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Charter Costing Estimator

Are you a charter operator or charter broker who has to constantly estimate flight costs to different destinations around the world? Have you discovered that using ‘great circle flight routes’ leaves you with inaccurate and costly estimates because they don’t account for real routing distances and realistic seasonal wind speeds?


If YES, you are going to love Skyplan’s Charter Costing app.


SkyTools outputs realistic Time, Distance, Fuel Burn, and Estimated Flight Cost values with calculations that take into account historical seasonal wind data and applies Skyplan’s optimal route calculations.


So what are you waiting for? Try SkyTools today.

  • Why You Need This?

    • Our estimates are consistently more accurate because we use Skyplan’s powerful flight planning engine to build a realistic, real-world flight plan (not great circle routes) that also takes into account historical wind data for that time of year.
    • Skyplan’s proprietary Historical Winds Database (extending over 30 years) makes all our calculations and flight plans more accurate and realistic.
    • You can obtain more accurate estimates that you can plug into your quoting process.

  • How it Works

    • Simply enter your hourly rate and some basic flight information.
    • We calculate the rest for you!

  • What You Get

    • SkyTools outputs realistic Time, Distance, Fuel Burn, and Estimated Flight cost values whose calculations take into account historical wind data and Skyplan’s optimal route calculations.

Note: Output values should only be used a guide since final flight routes can be different from those calculated by  this system.

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Get Truly Accurate Flight Plans with Aurora

ATC Flight Plan Generator

This great little application will convert your computerized ATC flight plan into an easy-to-read ICAO Flight Plan Format which can be handed in or transmitted to any ATC office that does not accept electronic filings.


The ICAO Flight Plan format is the international standard for a flight plan, and can be submitted to any Air Traffic Control (ATC) office.

  • How it Works

    • Copy your computerized ATC Filing String or Flight Plan into the ATC generator.
    • Click Submit.

  • What You Get

    • SkyTools will generate an editable PDF version formatted to the ICAO Flight Plan standards.
    • You can enter any missing or additional data into this editable PDF.
    • Save this PDF flight plan and file it with any ATC office.

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Weather Search Tool

Does the weather at your destination airports concern you? Do you need quick access to weather at your ports-of-call?


SkyTools Weather Search Tool will retrieve weather information for airports around the world, and display it in easy-to-view METARS or TAFS format.

  • How it Works

    • Enter the airport’s ICAO or IATA code.
    • You can research up to four airports at a time.

  • What You Get

    SkyTools displays METARS and TAFS information in an easy-to-read format for each airport.


    • Click the Airport’s IATA codeto view the details for that airport.
    • Click the  METARS or TAFS button to view this output in the different formats.
    • Choose RAW to view the condensed version of the output. Choose DECODED to view an easy-to-read format of the output.

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