Permits & Slots

Permits and Slots

Skyplan brings years of experience in navigating the complex world of slots, permits, and permissions to your international trips.

Staying Current

From a pilot’s perspective, our world is a complicated mosaic of countries, rules, and permissions. As political situations and borders alter, these rules and requirements also change.


Planners of international flights must remain current and knowledgeable about these changes and ensure that they have the appropriate overflight, landing, and special permits needed for each country.


A lack of the appropriate permits and slots can result in denial of your over-flight permissions, denial of takeoff and landing requests,  expensive re-routing of your international flights, and devastatingly affect all your carefully laid plans.


Permit requirements Vary

Permits can:


  • Be dependent upon the region of the world you are flying into.
  • Have variable request lead-times.
  • Vary based on the type of flight operation (charter and commercial flights take longer).
  • Possess complex fee structures.
  • Be highly dependent on flight routes.

Typically, you will need to get a combination of permits, PPRs, and slots for any flight. Getting the correct permits for a flight can be complex and time-consuming.

  • Some regions require more permits than others (e.g. Africa, China, India, and Russia).
  • Some permits take longer to obtain than others.
  • Permit requirements are always changing and are often complex and time-consuming to organize.
  • Language barriers and cultural differences can often cause difficulties in obtaining your permits and PPRs.

This is a time-consuming, meticulous process, and one that leaves little room for errors.

For complex, multi-country flights, it is often best to seek the help of experienced 3rd party professionals such as Skyplan who bring years of experience, long established global contacts, and a deep understanding of this complex world.

Ensure your slot assignments

Slot Assignments

Air Traffic Control (ATC) assigns arrival, departure, and parking slots for every flight coming into its airport. These slots assignments are vital for managing flights, avoiding congestion, and optimizing airport operations.


In fact, airport slots are mandatory at all major airports around the world, and are assigned in accordance with IATA guidelines.


Slot assignment is a complex, constantly evolving task, requiring coordination between the airports and all flights.


Skyplan’s long experience and excellent relationships within the aviation industry can help you get the slots you need, when you need them. Call us today at 403-275-2520(2) and book your slots.

Let Us Help with Overfly & Landing Permits

Experience the Skyplan Difference

Skyplan Trip Coordinators stay current with the changing requirements and political situations around the world, and are able to ensure you have the correct permits and slots for your flights, saving you time, money, and stress.
You can count on our Skyplan Trip Coordinators to do the hard work of:

  • Identifying the PPRs and permits you need to fulfill to satisfy the over-fly, landing, diplomatic, and legal requirements of your selected route.
  • Ensuring that your route is NOT crossing any ‘no-fly’ zones (which could result in unexpected diversions).
  • Working closely with you to obtain and submit the required documentation for each required permit.
  • Coordinating with the appropriate authorities to ensure all permits are available on time for your flight.
  • Submitting permits and PPRs to the appropriate authorizing bodies.

Skyplan Can Help

Whether you are flying to the neighboring country, or crossing multiple borders in distant parts of our world, Skyplan’s experienced Trip Coordinators can help to smooth the way, and ensure that all required permits are ready, available, and on-time for your trip.


In fact, Skyplan has been an integral part of the world-wide permit process for over 20 years, and is well known and respected within diplomatic circles. Our extensive network of agents and contacts around the world allows us to expedite your permit requests through government channels, and quickly obtain the necessary approvals.


So save time, energy, labor costs, and stress by taking advantage of Skyplan’s industry seasoned experts to obtain even the most difficult permits and permissions (overflight and landing) for your worldwide flights. Call us today, and move forward on your international flight.


Phone: 1-800-661-9189.

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