Flight Planning Services

Flight Planning Services

Count on our licensed dispatchers to build the best flight plan, under even the most urgent of circumstances!

Precise, Improved, Global - Your Flight Plan

As a pilot or dispatcher, you are already accomplished at planning and filing your flights to all your regular destinations, and have regularly submitted flight plans over the years.  You know your routes, your flight requirements, are able to optimize your routes to for ideal fuel usage, and understand your airplane’s inefficiencies.


But, new destinations, political or military changes, emergency flight changes, or new route requirements can happen to any pilot, from the first-time pilot, to experienced veterans flying commercial, charter, or military craft.  And any of these changes can cause havoc to your carefully laid out plans.


In all such cases, your requirements remain the same. You need a rapid, expert solution to your problem; one that does not take you away from your primary business – getting to that destination!

Let’s say that you urgently need to fly to a new destination, either locally, or internationally. Time is short, and you are suddenly faced with a host of concerns that need to be addressed, and for which you have no easily accessible or organized resources.


Make Skyplan your flight dispatch solution, and rest assured that you will get to your journey’s end efficiently, with outstanding support throughout your journey.

  • Can you address all these questions and issues in time?

    • Are your fuel calculations correct?
    • Is your route optimized?
    • Do you have sufficient fuel for new payloads, diversions, or emergencies?
    • How can you minimize flight costs?
    • Do you have access to the most current weather and wind forecasts along your flight path?
    • Are you getting updated NOTAMs for your selected flight path?
    • Do you have appropriate diversion airports selected in case of emergencies?
    • Are you using the appropriate airways for the controlled air spaces along your route?
    • Do your flight levels comply with requirements along your route?
    • Are you meeting safety rules when flying across oceans?
    • Are your ocean tracks taking advantage of the most favorable winds?
    • Are there international security rules and requirements that you must comply with?
    • Is your flight plan filed in the correct format for your international destination?
    • Do you have the correct overfly and landing permits?
    • Are you complying with global regulatory services?
    • What is your emergency response process for the new destination?
    • And so on!


Building Optimized Flight Plans

Fortunately for you, Skyplan’s flight dispatchers and trip planners are skilled and expert at quickly putting together optimal routes and flight plans for over 250 types of aircraft.


We regularly plan flights to destinations that span the most remote locations on our planet, and our flight planners can address even the most extreme emergency situations.


We plan for every possible eventuality, so you don’t have to. We ensure that you have:

  • An optimized flight plan that reduces fuel costs while giving you the best possible route.
  • Up-to-date weather and NOTAMs briefing for your entire route.
  • An Equal Time Point (ETP) scenario for each flight.
  • The correct over-flight and landing permits.
  • Appropriate slots for departure, arrival, and parking.
  • The best Reserve Fuel Policy for your type of aircraft.
  • The appropriate ground handling assistance.
  • Suitable ground transportation and hotel arrangements.
  • Get Custom Flight Plans

    With our customized flight planning services, you will receive a well prepared and optimized flight plan that addresses your specific needs.

  • Quality Pilot Briefings

    Our Pilot Briefing includes all the important information:

    • Flight Plan.
    • ETP scenario(s).
    • Reclear scenarios, points, destinations, and alternates.
    • Significant meteorological and aeronautical information.
    • Description of major weather features.
    • Forecast weather summary.
    • Route temperatures and winds.
    • Supplementary aeronautical information (NOTAMs).
    • Briefing reviews and updates.

  • Customized Reserve Fuel Policies

    We can customize the Reserve Fuel Policies to match your operational requirements.

    • Pick from our 250+ existing Reserve Fuel Policies (with variations based on variables such as fixed, percentage, time, top-of-descent, altitude, contingency, discretionary, taxi fuel, average fuel flow, destination alternates, and much more).
    • Pick from dozens of commonly used Reserve Fuel Policies.
    • Ask us to build an optimized custom Reserve Fuel Policy for your aircraft.

  • Customized ETP Scenarios

    We can customize your Equal Time Point (ETP) scenarios to meet your flight requirements:

    • Get at least one ETP scenario with every flight plan.
    • Pick from over 18 existing ETP scenarios.
    • Ask us to build a custom ETP scenario for your flight.

  • Reclear Flight Plans

    • Skyplan dispatchers are certified to calculate the optimal Reclear (or Re-release) for your flight plan.
    • Properly calculated Reclears can provide  substantial cost and fuel savings for long-haul or ocean crossing flights, while always maintaining safety and complying with legal requirements.

  • We file your flight plan

    We can prepare and file your FAA or ICAO flight plan at both domestic and international destinations.

  • Stay Connected - Globally

    Our extensive Worldwide Communication Networks (SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, Internet, HF, and VHF) ensure that your flight plan is received by even the most remote destinations.
  • 24/7 Access to Licensed dispatchers

    Our dispatchers are always available, 24/7  to:

    • Clarify and answer any question.
    • Amend or cancel flight plans on your behalf.
    • Ensure flight plans are properly activated when crossing international borders.
    • Cancel Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) control services and alerting services (when required).

  • Skilled, Licenced Dispatchers

    Skyplan’s dispatchers are highly trained and Transport Canada licensed and regulated. You can be assured that flight plans build by these skilled individuals comply with, and often exceed, industry standards,  to give you that extra level of comfort, safety, and knowledge for every flight.

Let Skyplan plan for every possibility so you don’t have to.

From departure to destination, Skyplan

Experience Flight Planning at its Best

Use our licensed and experienced Flight Dispatchers for your next flight, and discover the Skyplan difference!