NOTAM's Submissions

We know that as a pilot or dispatcher, you need to stay on top of the latest situations along your flight route, every day, and at every destination.


We know that as a pilot or dispatcher, you need to stay on top of the latest situations along your flight route, every day, and at every destination. You need to know if airport conditions have changed, if runways are closed, if weather advisories have been issued, if natural disasters are affecting your route, and so much more. NOTAMs play a key role in helping you stay informed so that you can make wise decisions about your flight.


A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) is a notice, filed with aviation authorities, that alerts pilots and dispatchers about potential hazards or changes along a flight route or at a specific airport.  In addition, temporary flight restrictions, airspace closures, and navigational data changes that may have an impact on safety of flight are all promulgated via the NOTAM system.


Until you have reviewed all the relevant NOTAMs for your flight, you haven’t completed the flight planning process.

Skyplan’s Notam System

As many of you have discovered, capturing, managing, and reviewing all the important NOTAMs along complex flight routes can be time-consuming and difficult. In fact, some airports have hundreds of NOTAMs.  How can you quickly identify those NOTAMs that most affect you?


Skyplan maintains and organizes many types of NOTAMs including:

  • International NOTAMs which are distributed to more than one country and must be specifically requested by the pilot. They are not part of a pilot’s normal briefing.
  • Canadian Domestic NOTAMs in ICAO format.
  • U.S. Domestic NOTAMs are often completed in FAA format instead of IACO. Skyplan provides these in both formats.
  • Flight Data Centre (FDC)  NOTAMs are mandatory and must be complied with by all pilots.
  • USD NOTAMs describes changes to published departure procedures for an airport.
  • UAR NOTAMs describes changes to the Standard Terminal Procedures (STAR) for an airport.
  • GPS NOTAMs are issued for service problems or outages in the GPS system.
  • Runway Condition NOTAMs (SNOWTAM, NOTAMJ).

Reviewing Your NOTAMs

NOTAMs affect trip planning and day-to-day operations of all flights, so check them frequently.   It is important for dispatchers and pilots alike to stay informed about NOTAMs both before and during a flight.


Unfortunately this can be easier said than done, since at some airports you may be inundated with large numbers of NOTAMS, of which only a few apply to your flight.


How do you review all these, and how do your determine what you absolutely must address in order to have a safe flight? Skyplan can help!


Skyplan provides two great options for getting your NOTAMs. Choose the one that best suits your operational needs.

Have Skyplan do it for you!

Get the full depth of knowledge of our experienced and licensed dispatchers at your beck and call.


We will custom-build and deliver your NOTAMs briefing to match your flight, operational needs, and frequency.


Make effective and safe flight decisions with the right set of NOTAMs data.

Do it yourself!

Employ the full power and information of Aurora to setup NOTAMs and weather briefings for all your flights, right from your desktop.


Use the pre-built NOTAM filters to generate your own NOTAM briefing reports for each flight.

Include domestic and/or international NOTAMs, NOTAMs for a specified airport or Flight Information Region (FIR), NOTAMs for runway condition, etc. The choices are fully customizable by you, including the validity periods that you may require.


Schedule the delivery of these NOTAM reports to meet your organizational and pilot needs.