Airline Dispatch Services

Airline Dispatch Services

Ensuring Your Flight Efficiency


Dispatch Services for Airlines

As a small, mid-size or start-up airline, you have already discovered that the cost of managing and operating your own “in-house” dispatch center can be exorbitant, and that finding licensed and skilled dispatchers who understand the complexity of domestic and international flight planning is a challenge.


To remain competitive, you need to optimize the use of your corporate resources so that you can concentrate on your core functions.

The Skyplan Solution

One of the measures of our success at Skyplan is the quality of the service we offer you. We have a dedicated professional dispatch department whose aim is to ensure that your flights are dispatched efficiently, today, tomorrow, and every day you fly.
Our certified dispatchers are there day and night to ensure that everything your flight department requires is at hand—wherever and whenever you need it.
With the size of our network, you can rely on Skyplan to provide you with:


  • Our in-house computer-generated flight plans.
  • Weather and NOTAM data from six independent sources, including direct in-house satellite feeds.
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) filings.
  • Aircraft situational data (position reports).
  • Flight watch and coordination.
  • Over-flight permits.
  • Airport slots.
  • Route optimization and trip planning through worldwide communication networks (SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, Internet, HF, VHF).
The Best of Both Worlds

By contracting out some (or all) of your dispatch requirements to Skyplan, you can focus on growing your business, while ensuring that the complexities of domestic and international flight planning are addressed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.


By using Skyplan’s Airline Dispatch Services, your company can benefit from considerable cost savings since you will no longer have to maintain an in-house 24/7 dispatch center, while ensuring continued access to highly skilled, licensed dispatchers who provide one-on-one support to your pilots and operations.

Skyplan Can Make the Difference

Operating 24/7, for 365 days of the year, our licensed and certified dispatchers can address your every flight need, from day-to-day flight operations to facilitating purchase of fuel, permits, landing permits, crew scheduling, and aircraft situational data.


Our Worldwide Communication Networks (SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, Internet, etc.) ensure that critical information reaches your crew anytime, anywhere in the world, saving you time and accuracy during preflight checks.


Tailored to Meet Your Needs, Skyplan:
  • Builds flight plans that work within your fuel policies and address your payload requirements.
  • Ensures our routing plans match your needs (optimized minimum-time routes, customer preferred routes, and optimized routing around country and area restrictions).
  • Builds flight plans that are based on the most current weather and wind models (updated 4x a day).
  • Builds routes that take into account Eurocontrol compliance, airway closures, safety, diversions, and fuel reserves.
  • Takes into account your aircraft’s performance model and unique variances.
  • If required, applies customized reserve fuel policies, ETP scenarios, and reclear optimizations to each flight plan.
  • Generates complete crew briefing packages.
  • Provides flight following as well as weather and NOTAM briefings for each flight.
Value For You – On Every Flight
  • Achieve 24/7, 365 days-a-year dispatch capability for your small, mid-size, or start-up airline.
  • Reduce or avoid the cost of maintaining an in-house dispatch center.
  • Ensure your pilots get mission-critical information anywhere in the world.
  • Obtain accurate ATDs, ETAs, ATAs, and fuel burns from your flights.
  • Execute worldwide ATC flight plan filing.
  • Leverage Skyplan’s powerful in-house flight planning engine and extensive industry expertise.
  • Access the power of our comprehensive airport, aircraft, weather, and wind databases for each and every flight plan.
  • Obtain global communication access to worldwide communication networks (SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, Internet, etc.).
  • Obtain personalized, one-on-one service for every flight, every time.

Contact a Skyplan Flight Support Professional to get affordable out-sourced flight dispatch solutions at a fraction of the price you would pay to maintain an in-house department. Call us at +1-403-275-2520(2) to set up your own out-sourced Flight Dispatch services.


Skyplan’s Primary Dispatch Services

Your primary flight dispatch services include:

  • Computer Optimized Flight Planning.
  • Test Flight Plans based on current or historic winds.
  • Worldwide Weather Data from six independent sources.
  • Significant Weather (SIGMET), PIREPs, and Weather Warnings.
  • Complete NOTAM information.
  • Coordination of ATC Filings (local and international).
  • Overflight and Landing Authorizations and Permits.
  • Flight Watch and Flight Following.
  • Aircraft Situational Data (position reports).
  • Communications between Aircraft, Company, and Base.
  • Route Analysis and Optimization.
  • Trip Planning.
Skyplan’s Supplemental Dispatch Services

Choose additional supplementary services to address all your flight operational needs:

  • Ground Service Support.
  • Commercial Landing Permits and Authorizations.
  • Negotiation of Fuel Contracts.
  • Coordination of Fuel Delivery.
  • Airport Slot Arrangements.
  • Identification and Planning for Diversionary points and Alternate airports.
  • Operations Advisories.
  • Weekly and Monthly Management Reporting.