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Discover how Skyplan can fulfill all your Flight Planning and Trip Planning requirements. Pick  and choose to build your own custom blend of services and products that fulfills your unique needs.


Although the fundamental requirements of flight planning have remained the same over the last decade, aircraft, crew, mission requirements, and political situations are continually changing. So how you get there, and whom you partner with, can make all the difference in the quality of your trip.


You can feel safe knowing that our licensed flight dispatchers respond promptly to all flight changes and requests, and are highly skilled at looking after your domestic or international needs. Choose Skyplan for excellence in flight service.


Our Products and Services

Take control of your flight plans with our powerful flight planning tools. Build complex flight plans with confidence, optimizing for fuel burn, weather, and much more.

About Skyplan Products & Services

Whether you are Pilot or Dispatcher, dealing with Corporate Aviation or Airline Operations, your typical flight will require that you assemble your flight plan, permits, fuel, ground support services, food and catering, airport PPRs, and perhaps crew accommodations and transport.


You also have to plan for emergencies and contingencies, such as unexpected diversions, bad weather, regulatory changes, vagaries in political situations, or even a health emergency. Any one (or more) of these situations can happen at any time. Will you be ready?


This is where your choices in trip and flight planning partners can make all the difference.


With Skyplan, you can be assured that we proactively look into all these types of situations, and always plan for unexpected eventualities.


When something happens, you can rest assured that our experienced trip and flight planners are there 24/7, ready to respond and resolve your problem, no matter where you are in the world or what your trip requirements are!

Our Products and Services (continued)

Skyplan can do it all for you!

Where do you want to go? We can plan it for you!


Our dedicated teams act proactively to anticipate and deliver all your trip needs, quickly adapting to meet any challenges that arise before, during, and after your flight.  Skyplan can do it all for you!
Flight Operations Services

Our flight planning groups use the best and most current flight information, wind, weather, and runway analyses to build your domestic or international flight plan.

Select just what you need for your flight:

International Trip Coordination

Take advantage of our dedicated 24/7 Trip-Support team for seamless handling of the intricate details and changes associated with your trip.

Select just what you need for your trip:

Aurora – Helping You Remain Independent

Aurora – Our world class, proprietary web-based flight planning system accesses the full power of our exclusive flight planning engine.

Use Aurora to build a flight plan that accommodates your every flight need:

  • Flight Planning

    • Flight Planning Solutions
    • Professional Dispatch Services
    • Domestic and International Flight Coordination
    • Route Analysis/Test Plans/Trip Coordination
    • Integrated Flight Maps

  • Flight Support

    • NOTAM Briefings
    • Flight Following
    • ATC Filing Coordination
    • Aircraft/Company/Base Communications

  • Fuel

    • International & Domestic Fuel Programs

  • Weather

    • Worldwide Weather Data
    • Significant Weather Alerts

  • Flight Planning

    • Flight Planning
    • Flight Following
    • Worldwide Weather Data
    • NOTAM Briefings
    • Contract Fuel

  • Permits & Slots

    • Overflight Permits
    • Landing Permits
    • Airport Slots
    • US TSA Airspace Waivers
    • US CBP Overflight Exemptions

  • Travel Management

    • Hotel Arrangements
    • Crew Transportation
    • Passenger Transportation
    • Car Rental
    • Catering

  • Routing Options

    • Oceanic Track Structures (NAT, PACOT, NOR, FLX, and WATRS)
    • Numerous Routing Options
    • Alternate Route Computations
    • Flexible Altitude Selections

  • Flight Planning

    • Build Your Own Flight Plans
    • Global Weather Data
    • Wind Forecasts Updated Four Times a Day
    • NOTAM Briefings

  • Scenario Planning - ETP/ETOPS

    • Multiple Equal Time Points (ETP)
    • Extended Operation (ETOPS) with up to 12 Diversionary Aerodromes
    • Build Secondary Plans
    • Altitude Validation with MEA and MORA Terrain Data

  • Reporting and Planning

    • Generate ATC Filings
    • Submit ATC Filings
    • Customizable Flight Details Templates
    • Ops Board to Plan Multiple Daily Flights for Different Aircraft

Professional Trip Planning Services

Pick the perfect blend of trip planning services for your trip, from fuel, airport PPRs, and ground handling services to concierge, hotel, and transportation for your crew and passengers. And let us do the hard work for putting it all together for you.