Contract Flight Dispatch Services

Contract Flight Dispatch

Whatever your requirements, Skyplan has a solution!


Contract Out Your Dispatch Needs

Is your company considering outsourcing its flight dispatch functions?  Contracting out your flight dispatch duties can result in considerable cost savings, increased availability of dispatchers (our offices operate 24/7), connections to deep aviation information systems, and access to a full-suite of other aviation services and products.

Skyplan provides two great options for Contract Flight Dispatch Services. Choose between Skyplan Traditional and our Online Flight Planning Service.

  • Online Flight Planning Services offers you worldwide flight planning using our own web-based, hosted system. Monthly and Yearly packages with unlimited flight plans are available —ideal for a single aircraft or for a large fleet.
  • Skyplan Traditional is perfect for those requiring ad hoc flight plans on a need-only basis.  Our plans include weather, NOTAMs, and all the other features of our Aurora Flight Planning Solutions.

What You Get with Contract Flight Dispatch

All our Contract Flight Dispatch Services provide you with:

  • Our in-house computer generated flight plans.
  • Weather and NOTAM data from six independent sources, including direct in-house satellite feed.
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) filing.
  • Aircraft situational data (position reports).
  • Flight watch and coordination.
  • Over-flight permits.
  • Route optimization and trip planning through worldwide communication networks (SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, Internet, HF, VHF).


Whether you choose to use Aurora, our flagship flight planning program, work with our Licensed Dispatchers, or use our Online Flight Planning Solutions, Skyplan provides a range of options to fit your business needs and budget – every time.


Call us at +1-403-275-25201 (international) or 1-800-661-9189 (USA/Canada)  to set up your Contract Flight Dispatch services.

  • Skyplans Primary Dispatch Services

    • Computer Optimized Flight Planning.
    • Test Flight Plans based on current or historic winds.
    • Worldwide Weather Data from six independent sources.
    • Significant Weather (SIGMET), Pilot Reports (PIREP), and Weather Warnings.
    • Complete Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) information.
    • Coordination of ATC Filings (local and international).
    • Overflight and Landing Authorizations and Permits.
    • Flight Watch and Flight Following.
    • Aircraft Situational Data (position reports).
    • Communications between Aircraft, Company, and Base.
    • Route Analysis and Optimization.
    • Trip Planning.

  • Skyplan's Secondary Dispatch Services

    • Ground Service Support.
    • Commercial Landing Permits and Authorizations.
    • Negotiation of Fuel Contracts.
    • Coordination of Fuel Delivery.
    • Airport Slot Arrangements.
    • Identification and Planning for Diversionary points and Alternate airports.
    • Operations Advisories.
    • Weekly and Monthly Management Reporting.