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Skyplan can provide your Company with State-of-the-Art Flight Planning. We can tailor a Flight Planning service to meet your needs, whether we provide you with Flight plans generated by our certified Dispatchers or remote access to our Flight Planning system via the Internet.  Skyplan can also establish a Back-Up Flight Planning Service to support your existing system. Our Worldwide Flight Planning Database serves Clientele globally, each with their specific Operating criteria.

  • Over 250 Aircraft types supported
  • Random Route (Minimum Time Track Analysts - MTTA), Fixed Route, or a combination of both
  • Pre-Stored or Manual Input Route
  • Multiple Cruise Modes (Mach, Long Range Cruise, 1 Engine Out, Special modes - 4POD, etc.)
  • Altitude Control (Optimum, Profiled, or Capped)
  • Origin to Origin Flight Plan
  • Selection of Primary/Secondary Destination Alternates, & Takeoff Alternate
  • Domestic/International Reserve/Hold Policies
  • Payload (Passenger, Cargo, or Calculated Max Payload)
  • Fuel Requirements (Optimum, Taxi, Circuit, Minimum Landing, Additional, Tankerage, Ramp)
  • Aircraft Weights (Empty Operating Weight, Estimated Take-Off Weight, Maximum Take-Off Weight, Maximum Landing Weight)
  • Multiple ETP scenarios with up to three(3) city pairs
  • Reclear Flightplan (from Waypoint in Route to Reclear Destination and Reclear Alternate)
  • ATC Flightplan Filing (FAA, ICAO, Eurocontrol)
  • Flexible Flightplan format(s)
  • Upper Level Wind Data updated twice daily
  • Navigational database updated every 28 days using ARINC-424 data


Sample Flight Plan One

Sample Flight Plan Two