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One of the most difficult, time consuming and thankless jobs in any Operations department is Crew Scheduling and Crew Management.

The best and most well thought out crewing plan is subject to human needs and issues which must be taken care of within the constraints of company requirements, government regulations, labor union rules, employee seniority, and crew qualifications. And since we also operate in an environment of continually changing weather and mechanical breakdowns, the job of crew scheduling and crew management can be a logistical nightmare if you don't have the proper tools and skill set. Done correctly it can be fast, efficient and cost effective. Done incorrectly it means flight delays, upset clients, and loss of flight crew motivation.

Skyplan has a substantial background in the Crew Scheduling and Crew Management field, and after years of using a number of technology tools to support this service, we have established relationships with organizations, to provide the client with the best available solution in the industry.